Keeping House… While Keeping Sane

Buy “Keeping House… While Keeping Sane” here!  Only $8.95!


Keeping House While Keeping Sane is a must read for mothers with limited time and limited energy and also for the young woman preparing for a future household of her own. This book will give you all the organizational tools you need to stay sane while keeping house by providing you with charts and lists you need but don’t have time to create.

This little book and companion CD combines easy and creative tips to help you run your household more efficiently. It`s written in a fun, contemporary, girl-talk style and has more than a touch of realism. If you ever plan on having a household of your own, or God has already blessed you with one, this is the book to read!


3 Responses to Keeping House… While Keeping Sane

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  2. Carol says:

    Keeping House looks like a wonderful resource. I know I’ll glean alot of wisdom from it, but what a wonderful gift for my teenage daughter as well! It will definitely show my 13 y.o. that not only “grown” women can learn about these topics, but that there are many young, single women that are learning (and writing about) the subject of homemaking. Makes me wish I had these things when I was still single!

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